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Pictures of Teeth


Whiter teeth in just days guaranteed! Smokers, now you won't have "ring around the tooth." No more wine stains, either!

16 year old girl who did two daytime treatments
of two hours and 2 night time treatments.
She is very pleased with the results.
Before 5 Treatments with light discoloration


After 5 Treatments

After 5 Treatments

Before 5 Treatments with light discoloration


After 5 Treatments

After 5 Treatments

Before 4 Treatments, smoker for 20 years

Before 4 Treatments. This client has been a smoker for 20 years.

After 4 Treatments

After ONLY 4 Treatments

Before treatment

Before Treatment

After Treatment

With only a few days of use her smile was brightened

Showing contrast between bleach and no bleach

Showing contrast between teeth. The lower teeth where whitened later

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The New Formula's formula is a gentle and predictable way of removing internal stains. Features include: a little or no sensitivity formula because our product contains no glycerin (glycerin causes tooth sensitivity).

"Received my order this past w/e as promised, and am very pleased with the response...and the product. I plan to order more products in the future and will bookmark your site for others to see. Keep up the good work, and keep smilin'." - Len (via email 6/14/99)

The New Formula works in 2 hours, faster than regular gels. The formula is gentle enough to work overnight. Over the counter gels are 3% to 4% (The New Formula is 11% or 16%) carbamide peroxide. Our Sticky viscous formula sticks to the tray and firmly holds it against your teeth to whiten 4 times faster than over the counter bleach.

 The New Formula can whiten the following
  • Tobacco stains
  • Coffee stains
  • Tetracycline Stains
  • Genetic stains
  • Aging
  • Food Coloring

We want to post your results!
Scan in your before and after pictures and email them to Let your smile be the one to convince a friend to use our products. Remember, when emailing your pictures you are giving us the right to post them on our website. If we like your shot, and post it, you will get a FREE complete tooth whitening system from Dentech Services Laboratory and