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5 Steps

Step 1. First step, Go to the order form and order the Complete Treatment. You will receive Preloaded Impression Trays from Dentech Services.
impression trays Please note that only Dentech Services offers pre-loaded impression trays. There's no mixing or packing of trays. Trays are 100% disposable, and there are no setting times to worry about.
Step 2. We send you pre-loaded impression trays. You take a nice deep impression at home, and send it in ASAP. We have a one-day in-lab procedure, where we custom-fit your trays, and the finished kit goes out the next day priority mail.
impressed impression trays
Step 3.

After our 1-day in-lab procedure (the fastest service on the net), you will receive the complete system - trays & gel included.

Step 4. Ask your local dental office and compare the price of regularally $500 to Dentech's $197.00 Sale Price of $99.00 + $10 S&H. You will save money and obtain the most advanced system in whitening today.
Step 5. If you already have bleaching trays from your dentist and wish to rewhiten your teeth , order the gel of your choice from our order form
  Allow 7 working days and leave your return address.
Enjoy the Results of a whiter smile!
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